Teams Meetings

Meetings Workshop is a modular engagement to identify and understand business priorities while focusing on specific scenarios that drive meetings culture transformation. This workshop engagement is designed to showcase modern meetings through “art of the possible” immersive experiences, use-case design, deep-dive planning, and actionable recommendations.

What you will learn: actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms.

Topics covered during the day 

  • An evaluation of your current meetings and meeting rooms capabilities
  • “Art of the possible” immersion experiences to showcase Microsoft Teams as your customers’ meetings and rooms solution
  • Direction about how to transform meetings and audio conferencing across your customers’ entire organizations
  • A customized report with actionable recommendations your customers can follow to ensure their employees and suppliers can meet seamlessly and share information securely in a modern meetings environment

After the workshop 

After the workshop, you will know the benefits of Teams Meeting and Meeting Rooms and how to design these after best practice.

CloudWay’s experts lead the way

CloudWay’s workshop facilitators are subject matter experts (and taught leaders) in the Microsoft 365 space, with years of experience deploying and teaching these technologies.

Published On: November 26th, 2020|