Microsoft Teams Workshop: How to ensure org-wide success

This workshop is for all companies that has just rolled out Microsoft Teams and are wondering; what are the proven practices for succeeding with Microsoft Teams org-wide? Join this 6-hour virtual workshop, run via Teams, on getting started with Microsoft Teams.

How we run it

We will invite you as a guest in our event team where you will join the meetings, get your questions answered in chat, access to content and recordings. The workshop will be run in English.

What you will learn

During the workshop, you will learn and understand Teams culture for notifications, chat, files and meetings. We will walk you through Teams and channel design and give you tips on how to govern the solution. Since the workshop will run virtually via Teams we will use polls for interaction and you can get your questions answered in the Teams chat.

The modules

  1. Why Teams
  2. Notification culture
  3. Chat culture
  4. Virtual meeting, workshop and training culture
  5. Files culture
  6. Teams and channel governance
  7. A walkthrough of free end-user training that is already available
  8. Work from home super tips

After the workshop

After the workshop you are ready to get started the proper way with Microsoft Teams and you can direct your co-workers towards a sound and scalable Teams culture. Know governing best practices and even have some great ideas on getting the most out of Teams for your offices and home offices.


CloudWay’s experts lead the way

CloudWay’s workshop facilitators are subject matter experts (and taught leaders) in the Microsoft 365 area, with years of experience deploying and teaching these technologies.

Published On: March 12th, 2020|