Compliance Workshop

The Compliance Workshop focus on compliance and risk-management solutions that help businesses address their compliance needs. This workshop is designed to provide customers an example of compliance risks in the data contained within their Modern Work environments. The Compliance Workshop helps you create a compelling way  to remediate compliance risks through Microsoft 365.

What you will learn: identify hidden compliance risks, gain insights and actionable steps on how to leverage Microsoft Compliance solutions.

Topics covered during the day

  • Uncover data risks in the your environment
  • Help your discover and classify data
  • Build confidence and mitigate risk through data-driven analytics and visualization
  • Identify compliance solutions in Microsoft 365 that reduce data risks and help meet compliance expectations
  • Develop customer recognition of Microsoft 365 value

After the workshop 

After the workshop, you will have a strategic plan of actionable steps to mitigate and protect you against identified risks.

CloudWay’s experts lead the way 

CloudWay’s workshop facilitators are subject matter experts (and taught leaders) in the Microsoft 365 space, with years of experience deploying and teaching these technologies.

Published On: November 26th, 2020|